The list of services provided for professional football players in Ukraine


• Improving the socio-economic standards and labor relations in the football.

• Response to letters, dealing with complaints and lawsuits of professional football players for protection their labor rights and interests of social and economic rights.

• Gathering of facts, evidence and documents to ensure legal protection professional football players.

• Preparation of lawsuits, objections, opinions and other legal documents concerning the actions of professional football clubs for protection of rights and interests of professional football players in arbitration bodies and courts.

• Representation and protection of labor, social and economic rights and interests of professional football players in resolving their labor disputes and conflicts with employers (professional football clubs) in the football bodies and arbitration courts.

• Organization medical care and rehabilitation of sports injuries for professional football players (in case of failure to fulfill this obligation to the club or to the expiry of the contract).


Head of the Centre of Social and Legal protection

of professional football players of Ukraine:

Yuriy Yurchenko