Dear friends!

We founded the public organization named "All-Ukrainian Association professionals football players".

Our organization was created for football players of all professional clubs Ukraine who share the main goals and tasks of the Association.

The main requirement - to unite professionals football players, regardless of their nationality, religion, political opinion, and on this basis to raise the level of solidarity between the football players.

We strive to achieve the protection of the legitimate socio-economic, artistic, national-cultural rights and liberties of professionals football players.

The desire and the desire of players are reflected in the logo of the Association - a unity, solidarity and protection.

Every professional football player, who decided to join the ranks of the Association, we guarantee the protection of his rights and our support.

In the Association is the rule of equality of all members.
The voice of a new member of the Association is equal to the voice of the founder and of any other participant organizations.

Association created for football players, football players manage themselves by organization which their work and their play conquered the respect of football fans in Ukraine and worldwide.

Association President           Igor Hataullin